Exposing the Dark Side of Gambling Addiction
Our trusted bookkeeper bankrupted our business, 23 employees lost their jobs, my husband had a heart attack, the insurance company has not reimbursed us. - Read the Story

Mother of Son Who Died By Suicide Tells Her Story

Our governments and the gambling industry are causing significant harm to Canadian citizens.

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Personal Stories

The Descructive Nature of Gambling

Gambling Steals a Child’s Holiday
by Annie Mueller (Annie Mueller is a freelance writer who is passionate about seeking the truth in all issues, big or small. She works from home so she can have the best of both worlds, and consults, writes, edits, and designs web pages in between diaper changes and kitchen shifts. More of her work is available at www.sisterwisdom.com)

Hanukkah Celebrations Destroyed by Gambling Addiction
by Annie Mueller

Gambling Steals a Child’s Christmas
My step-father loved to gamble by Sam Murrell

A Casino Christmas
A Gambler’s Home on the Night Before Christmas by Bill Kearney

Debbie and John's Story
A Young Lawyer and His Family's Struggle with Gambling Addiction

Debbie and John's Letters to the Missouri Senate
The Cost of Removing the $500 Loss Limit is Too High

Brother Boogie From Bank Robber to Minister
Interview conducted by Harold Hendrick Encounter on KSIV radio

Keno, Quick-Draw Is Extremely Addicting
A personal story by Roy D. Wright

Leisa's Story
A wife and mother's sad testimony of how her husband's gambling addiction destroyed her home and family and turned a loving husband and father into a man she no longer recognized

A Mother's Story
A daughter's gambling addiction results in divorce and causes strained family relationships when she steals from her parents' business to support her gambling habit

When Mommy gambles and loses, I lose everything too!
Incredible stories of how gambling tragically affects the lives of innocent children

Gambling: Addicted to the action
At first it was recreational...